Android 4.1 found running on Galaxy S III

Published by in General on August 16th, 2012

In yet another sign that Android 4.1 should soon hit the Galaxy S III, a video has surfaced which shows exactly that.  You can see in the clip below that things look pretty legit and that TouchWiz UI remains largely unaffected.  All the stuff we’ve come to appreciate in Jelly Bean is present, including Google Now, expanded notifications, and that buttery smooth interface.

Rumors have circulated as of late that Samsung will announce or deploy Android 4.1 to the Galaxy S III as early as August 29.  With two weeks to go, we’re on pins and needles.

Respect knuckles to everyone who passed this along!

Android 4.1 found running on Galaxy S III was written by the awesome dudes at AndroidGuys.

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